In safety

Ready, with care

It is in our nature to look for the best solution for your open air holiday and to take care of you and those you love. Our facilities are surrounded by greenery and large spaces, fully sanitised and hygienic and ready to welcome you with complete peace of mind.

It's just the way we are and why we wanted to answer your questions about safe holidays. We are ready, with care.

Arriving in Italy

To better plan your trip, find out the necessary requirements for travelling from your country to Italy: travel restrictions.
If you need more information, you can consult the website

Arriving at the camping and Green Pass

To enter the facility, you do not need to be in possession of the Green Pass (COVID-19 green certification) or to have taken the swab test or be vaccinated, but we will need to take your body temperature. If it's above 37.5 °C, our staff will assist you.

As of 6 August 2021, for some indoor activities, it is necessary to show the Green Pass to the staff in charge.

The Green Pass check, where required, is carried out for guests over the age of 12.

All the FAQs on the Green Pass


We want to guarantee you maximum flexibility, so you can cancel your stay up to 24 hours before arrival.


Please note that outdoors the use of a mask is not compulsory, but it must be worn when it is not possible to maintain a sufficient distance between people who do not live together. Therefore, the mask must be worn in the event of crowds or queues and in closed common spaces, such as the market or shops.

In indoor bars and restaurants, the mask is compulsory when leaving the table, but it can be taken off while eating and drinking.

Children up to 6 years of age and people with disabilities or relevant medical conditions are not required to wear a mask. You can also buy masks and hygiene products from our market.

Online check-in and arrival at the facility

To speed up your arrival at the facility and avoid queues at reception, you can check-in online before your arrival using the following link. Upon arrival at the facility, present your identity document and check-in confirmation to our staff who will help you to complete the registration process and will give you the keys to your accommodation.

Green Pass

As of 6 August 2021, for consumption at bars and restaurants also open to external guests, it is mandatory to show the Green Pass to the staff in charge. Green Pass is not required for consumption in the open spaces.

For access to the market and shop, no certification is required at the entrance.

The Green Pass check, where required, is carried out for guests over the age of 12.

All the FAQs on the Green Pass

Restaurant reservations

Reservations are required at the restaurants, so as to better manage entry and ensure spacing between tables.

Menu and payment methods

To further reduce contact, we have prepared a digital menu that can be consulted via QR code or single-use devices for safe browsing. Our preferred payment method is electronic, which we can effect at your table.


To maintain proper occupancy levels in our pools, staff are always on hand to monitor the entry and exit of visitors.

In busy situations, a reservation system for certain pools may be activated for optimal management.

A Green Pass check is not required to access the water park.

Spacing in the sunbathing area

The entire swimming pool area is managed by our specialised staff and according to national guidelines for the sector. The equipment, parasols and sun loungers are also positioned in accordance with national hygiene guidelines.

Sanitation and cleaning

All contact points and common areas are frequently sanitised and the equipment disinfected after each change of person or household using cleaning products from the Diversey range, as required by our cleaning procedures.

In the event of a higher turnout, the facility can arrange for additional cleaning in the middle of the day.

Accommodation cleaning

All our accommodation is cleaned and sanitised at every guest change by qualified staff, in accordance with the provisions of our cleaning procedures and using Diversey products that are specifically designed to disinfect and sanitise surfaces. Bed linen and towels are all washed and sanitised by our professional laundry service.

Once sanitisation by the housekeeping staff is complete, there will be no further entry into the accommodation, before your arrival.


With regard to positioning of campervans, caravans and tents, spacing of 3 meters is guaranteed between the two entrances, if at the front. Our staff will be available to help if needed.

Communal areas and spaces

Communal areas such as the playground, gardens and sports area have been reorganised to ensure that they respect distancing and can be used safely by children. Our staff provides daily sanitation of the areas with special attention to the contact points.

Communal washrooms and toilets

All of the facility's washrooms and toilets are cleaned and sanitised several times a day, in accordance with our cleaning procedures and using Diversey products specially designed to disinfect and sanitise surfaces.

Cleaning operations are also regulated according to the number of guests present.

Information and sanitation

In the communal and high contact areas, we have installed signs providing information on prevention measures and sanitising gel dispensers for individual use.